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Roof Replacement Service in San Angelo, TX

Give Your Home a Face-Lift that Better Reflects You.


The roof is a key component of any structure home or building and often goes unnoticed in all the purposes it serves. It protects everyone under it from weather extremes such as rain, hail, and storm and plays a key role in creating a safe and comfortable environment for people living or working under it.

How well the roof serves its purpose and how much it adds to the quality of your life is hugely contingent upon its quality and condition.

Even a new roof can sometimes show signs of damage and require repair but how do you know when more needs to be done? A general rule is if your roof is at least 10 years old and requires frequent repair, then it is best to look into roof restoration services.

However, if your roof is 20 years old requiring frequent repairs, then it is better to consider a roof replacement.

The Benefits of Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is no doubt a big project and you may wonder if it is really worth the hassle, and time and money invested in it.

But it does offer several benefits:

  • Curb Appeal: The roof is one of the biggest visual features of any building's external appearance. A new roof can be instrumental in improving the curb appeal of a property, allowing a commercial property to be visually impactful to passing-by potential customers or helping a residential property make a strong impression on buyers.
  • Energy-Efficient: A new roof will be less prone to allowing indoor air to leak, thereby reducing the workload of the HVAC system in place.
  • Cost-Effective: The energy efficiency of the new roof leads to lower electricity bills. Additionally, a new roof is likely to require infrequent maintenance and repair services, saving on costs incurred as a result of said services.
  • Health Advantages: An old roof in compromised condition can pose health hazards of several kinds. Additionally, it is less effective in combating mold and mildew, adversely affecting your quality of life. A new roof, in contrast, offers structural integrity and stronger resistance to mold and mildew, thus being a safer and better option.
  • Technology: New roofs come with all the new types of technology, making them a valuable addition to any home. And since roofs are replaced after decades, your new roof is guaranteed to be a vast improvement over your current one and last even longer.

A roof replacement might be a big and costly investment but it can be a necessary and rewarding one. In some cases, the current roof's condition might be so debilitated, that replacement is the only course of action.

Alternatively, it may be that you wish to upgrade the dated look of your property and want to add to its curb appeal in which case roof replacement will deliver on that result.

Whatever the reason for roof replacement, when the need is there, and replacement is due, getting it done can prove to be a financially profitable, and aesthetically and personally rewarding experience.

So if you're ready to engage the services of a reputable, professional roofing business so that your new roof can last you a lifetime, we're here for you. Call now or fill out our quote form and one of our pro roofers will help you get started replacing your old roof.

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